“Red Kettle.” 4×6 in. Oil Pastel and Pen.

FOR SALE: $20 plus shipping. 

Day 2. I’m not the organized-in-the-real-world type. In my head, yeah sure you bet I am. But let’s take this blog as an example. I am posting about 20 sketches at once because I didn’t even think to blog about this minor journey I’m taking. And now I’m batch-posting because I have a plethora of work to share. And I’m not shy about sharing it! I want it out there, I want feedback. There is a finality about sending it off to the world for their take on my art. [And yes, it’s art.] It remains unfinished if hidden away in my books, but blossoms like a flower in the spring when commented upon after being shared. So please, send your comments my way. It’s okay if you don’t like them. And it’s even better if you do. I’m enjoying the process and [most] of the final outcomes.

Also note: unless otherwise stated, all artwork is for sale. Because I’m using a free blog setup, just comment below the piece of art that you would like to purchase and I can help you from there. I might have to process it through my other website. Work with me here folks!

Until tomorrow.


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