“Kitchen Table Still Life.” 4×6 in. Oil Pastel. [Day 1].


FOR SALE: $10 plus shipping [PENDING SALE]

This is day one, my first sketch. I haven’t used oil pastel since elementary school and it was more challenging than I remember. I quickly realized a few important things about this tricky medium:

  1. The fineness of a line made in oil pastel is comparable to drawing with your thumbprint.
  2. Oil pastel smears, but not as easily as I thought. Blending was more difficult than I had hoped and therefore something to leave alone for now. (Especially because of number 3 below…)
  3. The colors get muddy when placed on top of each other.
  4. White just blends when placed atop other colors, it does not highlight like I presumed.
  5. Using firm pressure and bold strokes gives VERY pleasing effects and feels wonderfully buttery when drawing.
  6. On the contrary, light pressure feels gritty or sandy and making marks this way is almost repulsive to my sense of touch.

Sketching my table top is probably going to be a repeated subject matter as I am limited for time. My sketch time generally falls into nap time when both my kids are [hopefully] sleeping. But I also share nap time with laundry, dish duty, sweeping, yard work, cleaning up the storm of lunch, etc. So…sometimes I have merely minutes to get some color down on paper.

Until tomorrow.


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